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Bobbie Stifle, Account Executive/President, is in her seventeenth year of recruiting and specializes in recruiting for hospitals.  She takes great pride at developing long-term relationships with her candidates and clients.  With her extensive background in teaching and human resources, she is delighted to work with people at any level.

Bobbie has had the opportunity to travel around much of the USA, familiarizing herself with the geography, as well as the people who live in these areas.  A native Californian, her undergraduate work was in Business Administration and Physical Education.  Her graduate work all focused on Education.


Bobbie and her husband, Pete, are in a volunteer traveling ministry, Reconciliation Ministries.  They work closely with pastors and other ministers and church congregations from many denominations, encouraging and providing reconciliation to them.


Integrity Recruiters, Inc., a boutique recruiting firm, was created in 2001, and is dedicated to helping hospitals fill all administrative needs in a timely and professional manner.  Our motto is “The One to meet your total needs.”  We believe you’ll be happy with our service and desire to have a long relationship for meeting your staffing needs.  We network with over 70 “like” recruiters to give your jobs more coverage than is possible by one firm – without the hassle of working with multiple offices.  We also do NOT recruit from the internet and still use networking and the old fashioned “cold call” and referrals as a means to attract the best and most qualified candidates.


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